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Bohemian fabric bags Handcrafted in Spain

It´s time to buy less but better Quality. At HAM, we HAndMake Bohemian Fabric bags handcrafted in Spain. Each item is made to order in our Madrid studio. 

We are part of the Slow Movement, things made slowly are better, life lived slowly is better. Well, we think that, at least, and we put all our passion in making each thing special.

We love color, joyful prints and nature, like our pet piggy Rufus, the soul of this house!  “oink oink!!” 


Each piece is made by hand, one by one


Use of Organic Fabrics.

Made in Spain

Made in our Madrid workshop

Easy Returns

No Questions Asked


Is the time it takes us to handcraft your order. 

In a mere three days, we’ll make your order with the utmost care. We want our pieces to be unique and made-to-order just for you. We don’t believe in mass-producing generic items. We’re not a big-box store with piles of inventory laying around. Instead, we focus on creating the highest quality, personalized products that will bring you lasting happiness.

So sit back, relax, and let your taylor work for you!

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Customer Reviews

I recently received my handmade bag from Isabel, HAMfabricbags and it is absolutely gorgeous! The quality is better then I imagined, the material is fabulous and I am just thrilled with it! Thank you so very much Isabel, you are extremely talented! I will be ordering again soon.

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Bolso bandolera en pana verde y tela de triángulos en diferentes tonos. Son muy bonitas y combinan a la perfección!! Estoy encantada con este bolso, no me puede gustar más!!