Waterproof bumbag


Waterproof bumbag in various colors and sizes.

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Waterproof bum bag. You can customize it as you want choosing Size and Color.

Colors are All Black, All Blue, All Yellow, All Pink, All White. And the combinations: Green&Yellow, Blue&Pink&White and Blue&Pink&Green.

This waist bag is water repellent so is perfect for a rainy day, if you want to keep your things dry.
It is light and super practical and comfy. You can carry this waterproof bum bag on your waist or crossbody. Texture is super soft. Everything fits. Forget about bags, forget you are wearing any bag at all. And at the same time, things are kept really safe close to you.

-Small (like the one in the video): 17x10x4cm
Width: 6″
High: 4″
Deep: 2″

-Medium (like de Yellow&Green in the photo): 22x12x6cm
Width: 9″
High: 5″
Deep: 3″

-Extra Large(like the Black one in the photo): 28x15x8cm
Width: 11″
High: 6″
Deep: 3,5″


This bum bag has been handmade in our Madrid workshop with top quality fabrics.

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